Biodiversity as Big Data: How DSI fits into Global Data Flows

Biodiversity as Big Data: How DSI fits into Global Data Flows
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Anita Gurumurthy will be speaking about 'Biodiversity as Big Data: How DSI fits into Global Data Flows' at a capacity-building webinar on Digital Sequence Information (DSI), organized by the Global Youth Biodiversity Network in collaboration with Third World Network.

This first session aims to be a primer for those who are new to the topic of DSI and have questions about it, and will focus on the basics of the issue. It will delve into how gene sequences and data science are transforming biological research, and how DSI relates to fairness and equity for developing countries, especially for farmers and indigenous peoples.

Other topics and speakers for the session include: 

  • The Rise of Genome Sequencing and its Implications (Edward Hammond, Third World Network)
  • Case Studies on DSI (Bharath Reddy, Global Youth Biodiversity Network)
  • Roundtable discussion and Q&A

Interpretation for the session will be available in French, Portuguese and Spanish.

A second session on the policy debates related to DSI at the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) will follow in September 2021. The primer will be followed by a second session focused on the status of debates about DSI in the CBD and other international processes, with a focus on policy options that break with current approaches and seek greater fairness and common benefit for humanity.