Computer Says No: Can Algorithms Be Fair?

Computer Says No: Can Algorithms Be Fair?
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Open Democracy

Gurumurthy Kasinanthan participated in a discussion about whether algorithms are here to stay, and how we can respond to the challenge of algorithmic injustice, organised by Open Democracy on 27th Aug 2020.

The discussion raised issues about governments increasingly using algorithms to make decisions that affect us all. The UK’s exam result fiasco has shown how they can replicate discrimination and inequality. But the concerns are global and cut across healthcare, policing, immigration, child protection and more.

Some of the questions addressed in the discussion included: Does it matter who provides the technology? Who decides what data goes in, and when they are used? And do they have potential for good?

The other speakers at the discussion were:

  1. Lina Dencik, Co-Director of the Data Justice Lab at the University of Cardiff, specialising in digital surveillance and the politics of data.
  2. Caroline Molloy, Editor of Open Democracy UK and our NHS. Caroline also chaired the discussion.

Click here to watch the complete discussion.