Global Platform Governance Network: Research Working Group (May Meeting)

Global Platform Governance Network: Research Working Group (May Meeting)
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IT for Change will be co-hosting the Research Working Group Meeting of the Global Platform Governance Network in May.

CIGI and Reset have partnered to create the Global Platform Governance Network (GPGN). The GPGN is a global community of civil servants, legislative staff and regulators committed to a collaborative and harmonized approach to address pressing issues related to digital platform governance.

The Research Working Group aims to help its members harmonize collaborative research efforts, seek solutions to existing barriers to research, and leverage available government tools to further platform government research efforts. Through these sessions, the network aims to develop a framework for a research strategy that could be implemented by members in their home governments.

This session of the Research Working Group will look at barriers to platform governance research, and the event speaker is Chris Beall, policy lead, platform governance, with the digital economy research team at CIGI. Chris was most recently the founding director of the Digital Citizen Initiative at the Department of Canadian Heritage. 

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