IT for Change at the World Social Forum, 2021

IT for Change at the World Social Forum, 2021
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World Social Forum

IT for Change participated in two events at the World Social Forum 2021, held virtually.

Bhavna Jha participated in the panel "Contemporary pressures on the collective imagination and resistance", which explored the role of communication, education and culture in the future of democracies.

Other panellists included:

  1. Gustavo Gómez (Uruguay)
  2. Antonio Herci (Brazil)
  3. Célia Maracajá (Amazonas- Brazil)
  4. Loreto Bravo (Mexico)
  5. Beatriu Cardona i Prats (Spain)
  6. Oscar Jara (Peru and Costa Rica)
  7. Barka Ba (Senegal)

The session was moderated by Bia Barbosa (Brazil).

You can watch the video recording of the panel here.

Anita Gurumurthy participated in the panel "Social justice: Principle and objective of social transformation", where she presented insights from the Digital New Deal compendium and spoke on the topic "Digitalization of the labor market – transformations: emancipation or slavery?"

Other panellists included:

  1. Armando de Negri
  2. Olivier De Schutter
  3. Riccardo Petrella
  4. Isabel Ortiz
  5. Ayuba Wabba
  6. Raúl Delgado
  7. Aminata Dramana Traoré
  8. Dalia Hamayel

The session was moderated by Francine Mestrum and Kamal Lahbib.

You can watch the video recording of Anita's presentation here.