The Good Tech Fest 2022

The Good Tech Fest 2022
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The Good Tech

Shreeja Sen will be talking at the session on Deepfakes, Disinformation, Doxxing: How Countering Gender Violence Online Builds a Better Web for All, on 11th May, 2022 as part of the Good Tech Fest.

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About the session:

Chayn, NotMyPorn, Wise Afrika, IT for Change, and the World Wide Web Foundation showcase products, policies, and campaigns that improve the tech we use to grow our online world and ensure that those who are most targeted and harassed online can thrive. Join for examples of work happening around the world and how countering gender violence online builds a better web for entrepreneurs, elections, and expression.


Katherine Townsend

Shreeja Sen

Onica Makwaka

Hera Hussain

Elena Michael