Launching Uli: A Browser Plug-in to Mitigate oGBV

Launching Uli: A browser plug-in to mitigate oGBV
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The Centre for Internet and Society & Tattle Civic Tech

Uli is a browser plug-in, based on machine leaning and non-ML approaches, to help mitigate online gender and sexual abuse on Twitter in three Indian languages: Hindi, Tamil, and Indian English. UIi has been jointly produced by The Centre for Internet and Society and Tattle Civic Tech, with support from Omidyar Network. The tool design is based on needs assessment with over 50 outspoken users identifying as women or sexual minorities. The training dataset was co-created by a team of 18 expert annotators, who frequently encountered oGBV on social media, such as journalists, activists, and community influencers. 

As part of the launch event, a panel discussion was organized to discuss the role of tech in mitigating online gender and sexual abuse on 28 July 2022. Malavika Rajkumar was invited as a panelist to speak about platform accountability for online sexism and misogyny. 

Her co-panelists were Sohini Banerjee from Point of View and Ritesh Kumar from the ComMA Project at Dr.Bhimrao Ambedkar University. 

Watch the recording of the event here.