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Digital Delhi Conclave, 2022
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Gurumurthy Kasinathan has been invited to take part in Digital Delhi Conclave, 2022 being organized by IIIT-Delhi on 3 December. The conclave will be held at the university’s campus and will begin at 9.30 AM IST. This year’s theme for the conclave is ‘Quality and Equitable Education’. In particular, speakers will explore how digital technologies impact equitable access and quality of education.

The annual IIIT-D Digital Delhi Conclave provides a public platform to deliberate on sustainable development goals (SDGs) and the enabling role that digital technologies can play in meeting them. The conclave brings together scholars, experts, and practitioners from the domains of public policy, and digital technologies, as well as students and concerned citizens, to brainstorm, exchange ideas and provide tangible and actionable suggestions.

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