Enabling Technology For Social Impact

Enabling Technology For Social Impact
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Anand Desai has been invited to speak at a webinar on ‘Enabling Technology For Social Impact’, organized by Civil20 on 23 February 2023 at 9.30 AM IST.

This webinar aims to bring together experts who will share their deep insights on the risks, opportunities, and challenges for policy development that enables accessibility and affordability to critical technologies. The following key areas will be covered:

  • Use of digital technologies for advancing Sustainable Development Goals
  • Innovations needed for data access for public goods
  • Leveraging and funding technologies for outreach projects
  • Digital technology as a catalyst for civic engagement

Besides Anand, Shelly Marshall – RMIT University, Australia; David Gilchrist– University of Western Australia; Osama Manzar– Digital Empowerment Foundation; Raafi Seiff– Policy+; Suresh Ramakrishnan– UTM, Malaysia; and Apoorv Kulkarni – OMI Foundation; will be speaking at the webinar.

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