IT for Change at LDC5 Civil Society Forum

IT for Change at LDC5 Civil Society Forum
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Qatar National Convention Centre, Doha.
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IT for Change is hosting and participating in an exciting line up of sessions in this year's LDC5 Conference and the Civil Society Forum from 4 to 9 March, 2023.

Click on this link to find the complete list of our sessions.

Our Executive Director Anita Gurumurthy is invited to speak at the opening plenary of the introductory orientation for civil society. She will also be speaking and moderating sessions on the digital economy and the 2030 agenda for sustainable development.

The engagement of civil society organizations in the work of the UN helps build support for the promotion of sustainable development in the LDCs, brings their expertise and lessons learned on key implementation areas of the Doha Programme of Action (DPoA) and helps build support for its implementation. Civil society has played a key role in all UN Conferences on LDCs since the first Conference on the LDCs in Paris in 1981, and has been a crucial partner for the United Nations and the LDCs.

The organization of the Civil Society Track for LDC5 responds to the request by Member States for the full inclusion of civil society organizations and other relevant stakeholders in the preparatory process and at the Conference. The Civil Society Forum is being organized in collaboration with a Core Group of civil society organizations composed of LDC-Watch, Global Policy Forum, Third World Network and Social Watch.