Data on Purpose 2023: “Making Tech Work for Workers"

Data on Purpose 2023: “Making Tech Work for Workers"
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Anita Gurumurthy was invited to speak at the webinar: ‘Data on Purpose 2023: “Making Tech Work for Workers”’ on 2 May 2023 at 9 PM IST, organized by the Stanford Social Innovation Review and Ford Foundation.

Generative AI. Big Data. Algorithmic Management. Robotics. Technologies currently being developed and deployed will change—have already changed—the very nature and quality of work for countless people in the US and around the world. If designed and harnessed responsibly, they have the potential to help us reimagine how we work, where we work, and what work we do. But advanced thoughtlessly, or optimized solely for profit, technology will accelerate exploitation, exacerbate existing inequalities and discrimination, and fuel mistrust of democratic institutions.

In this context, the webinar explored the specter of generative AI, worker-led efforts to use innovative technology to improve their work and working conditions, how investors across sectors can shape digital innovation, the ‘gig-ification’ of the whole economy, among other issues.

Anita spoke at a panel on ‘How Tech Meets Work’, where the speakers discussed how tech is impacting workers and exacerbating inequities in the US and globally. Besides Anita, Daniel Bertossa, Assistant General Secretary at Public Services International; and Simon Johnson, Professor of Entrepreneurship at the MIT Sloan School of Management took part in the discussion which was moderated by Nabiha Syed, CEO, The Markup.

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