Consultation on the Global Digital Compact

Consultation on the Global Digital Compact
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On 8 May 2023, taking part in their third consultation on the Global Digital Compact, Viraj Desai shared a few comments on human rights in the digital sphere, on behalf of IT for Change.

The digital paradigm not only reflects, but also amplifies intersectional exclusion and discrimination based on social locations, such as class, race, gender, and caste. Women and marginalized groups in particular face threats to their human rights in the digital public sphere due to the spread of hate speech through algorithms. To tackle this issue, Viraj underscored the need for new types of rights that encompass datafied existence, and listed out a few actions that can be taken at the multilateral level to realize an updated vision of human rights online. Read their full input here.

The Global Digital Compact is expected to “outline shared principles for an open, free, and secure digital future for all”. The informal consultations being held for civil society groups aim to share knowledge and views, as well as allow for contributions on a wide range of digital issues.