Building Trust in Digital Identities

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Anita Gurumurthy took part in a conference titled, ‘Building Trust in Digital Identities – Leveraging the Power of Technology, Policy, and Digital Cooperation’, organized by EPFL and Geneva Internet Platform on 31 May 2023.

The conference aimed to facilitate an exchange between technologists, diplomats, policymakers, industry, and the general public on exploring the promises and challenges of e-IDs, provide an overview of the latest technological developments, discuss how to foster public trust in e-ID and beyond, and explore how digital cooperation and learning from each other can lead towards viable and trustworthy e-ID solutions.

Anita was part of a panel that discussed ‘Best practices in governance and stakeholder engagement: Fostering Public Trust in e-ID and Beyond.’ Besides Anita, Marika Popp, head of sales and partnerships at Cybernetica from Estonia; Rolf Rauschenbach, communications officer at the Swiss Federal Office of Justice; and Vladimir Vujovic, senior product manager at SICPA took part in the panel, which was moderated by Benjamin Welby, policy analyst for Digital Government and Open Data at the OECD.

Read the highlights from the panel as well as the conference here.