Exploring the Opportunities for Platform Cooperatives in India

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India has been experiencing a rapid increase in privately-held wealth relative to public wealth, together with rising unemployment and inflation, and declining wages and government investment in welfare programs. This has resulted in growing inequality in terms of wealth and income. This trend is being accelerated by the platformization of everyday life, with tech-focused corporations investing in monopolizing markets across the board.

At the ‘Roots of Resilience’ conference held in Trivandrum, Anita Gurumurthy gave a presentation on ‘Unpacking Digitization, Data Governance, and Cooperatives; Lessons from Kerala Food Platform’ in a theory Jam Session as part of Platform Co-op School 2023. The conference explored the contested terrain of platformization in India, highlighting the work of platform cooperatives and adjacent initiatives charting a democratic, cooperative path for India’s digital economy.

Access the conference recording here.