Planetary Feminism: Confronting Crisis through Collective Struggle

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Anita Gurumurthy was invited by the University of San Francisco to take part in a public forum on ‘Planetary Feminism: Confronting Crisis through Collective Struggle’ on 25 April 2023. The Forum was organized by the University’s Department of Media Studies as part of their ongoing semester-long special course focusing on topics such as women and the response to Covid-19, indigenous rights, youth organizing in Argentina/Uruguay, abolitionism and mutual aid, youth against the apocalypse, intergenerational lessons from feminist media-making, taking back digital design, activism in the Arctic and in San Francisco, etc.

At the Forum, Anita shared insights and inputs from one of IT for Change’s most recent and key projects, ‘Feminist Digital Justice’, highlighting the different themes of the project’s Declaration. During her talk, she also underscored the connection between digital capitalism and women’s paid and unpaid work, the need to decolonize work, and ways to actualize these ideas.