Building a Human-AI Future

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Anita Gurumurthy took part in a panel discussion on ‘Building a Human-AI Future’, organized by the Asia Society India Centre at Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai on 8 August 2023.

How is AI transforming the face and future of lives and work in India, an emerging hub of technology? What are the potential gains and pitfalls of AI for Indian businesses? How do we move forward while keeping compassion and consideration at the center of a human-and-AI world? The panel discussion explored these questions and much more. Along with Anita, Aakrit Vaish (Co-founder and CEO, Haptik), Karthik Reddy (Co-founder, Blume Ventures), and Anirudh Suri (Founding Partner, India Internet Fund) also took part in the discussion.

Access the video recording for the panel discussion here.