ESIL Annual Conference: Pre-Conference Workshop

ESIL Annual Conference:  Pre-Conference Workshop
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2023 ESIL Annual Conference

Malavika Rajkumar and Merrin Muhammed Ashraf participated and presented a paper at ESIL Interest Group on International Law and Technology Pre-Conference Workshop - Annual Conference of the European Society of International Law on the question of "Is Fairness in Digital Governance a Trap?"

The paper titled 'Public Values and Private Reasoning - An Interrogation of Meta Oversight Board's Decisions in the Indian Sexual Harassment Case and the Zwarte Piet Case', co-authored with Anita Gurumurthy, delves into the evolving role of social media platforms as speech regulators, employing public principles to bolster legitimacy but struggling with accountability. It analyzes instances involving marginalized identities, revealing that when private entities determine fundamental values, it restricts the scope for public reasoning. This, in turn, affects how injustices stemming from these determinations can be democratically addressed in the future. The article emphasizes the need to scrutinize the platforms' attempts to integrate public values within their speech governance, considering the implications for fairness and justice in diverse socio-political contexts.

The paper will be published soon.