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Nandini Chami has been invited to take part in a panel discussion during Decidim Fest 2023 in Spain on 19 October 2023. Titled, ‘Re-Imaginations of the Future: Feminist Practices for the Defense of Human Rights in the AI Era,’ the panel will explore the governance of data and AI from a feminist and decolonial perspective. The panel aims to make visible the advocacy work of feminist organizations from the Global South working with affected communities in relation to these technologies. Similarly, it aims to introduce reflection on the impact of AI and the appropriation of data from feminist and decolonial coordinates in order to broaden the debate about who should participate in the governance of this type of technology and why. Finally, it aims to introduce and show different typologies of practices and projects of technology appropriation, so it can be imagined from different coordinates. Besides Nandini, Rayén Jara Mitrovich (Radical Data & Landecker Democracy Fellow) will be taking part in the discussion. The session will be moderated by Sofía Trejo (Barcelona Supercomputing Centre, A+ Alliance).

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