Effects of Digitalization on Workers, Public Services and the Economy

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In an era where large corporations monopolize the digital economy and use this power to grab wealth, control the narrative, and influence policy, Public Services International organized a panel on 16 October 2023 to discuss the effects of digitalization on public services and their workers, as part of its World Congress held at the Palexpo, Geneva.

Anita Gurumurthy took part in the discussion and she presented the challenges of having a society in which digital technologies contribute to human rights, in counterpoint to the dominant approach that "promote a market fundamentalist vision, and often both together".

The panel was moderated by Christina Colclough of Why Not Lab and besides Anita, Juan Carlos Hidalgo, ANEJUD, Chile; and Senator Jan Hochadel, AFT, USA, took part in the discussion.

Know more about the panel here and read the text of Anita's speech here.