Data and AI for Sustainable Development: Building a Smarter Future

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Washington D.C.
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Anita Gurumurthy has been invited to speak at the PARIS21 Spring Meetings 2024 scheduled to be held in Washington D.C. from 3-4 April 2024.

The PARIS21 Spring Meetings provide an opportunity to rethink the way we approach the opportunities and challenges around development data. Centered around a different topic every year, the conference brings together policymakers, national statistical offices, the private sector, foundations, international organizations, civil society, and academia to explore innovative approaches to sustainable development data.

The theme of PARIS21 Spring Meetings 2024 is ‘Data and AI for Sustainable Development: Building a Smarter Future.’ The event is being co-organized by PARIS21, the World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund. In partnership with the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, the conference brought together policy makers, National Statistical Offices, private sector representatives, foundations, international organisations, civil society, and academia to showcase success stories around the use of AI and explore how to leverage its capabilities to build a smarter, more inclusive, and more equitable future. Anita spoke in a session on 'Building trust in AI: What role for smart regulation?'

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