Future Pathways Workshop

Future Pathways Workshop
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Alanguddi, Tamil Nadu
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IT for Change’s Viraj Desai and Ranjitha Kumar participated in Design Beku’s Future Pathways Workshop, held between 27 - 26 February 2024 in Tamil Nadu, India. This workshop represents the culmination of Design Beku's research intervention in the Vrutti fieldsite for our project, ‘Centering Women in India's Digitalizing Economy’.

The event brought together frontline workers from three farmer producer companies (FPCs) under Vrutti, senior staff and other members from Vrutti, and their technology partners. This allowed all stakeholders to engage with each other on a level playing field, making room for cross-stakeholder discussions about the future of the FPCs.

As facilitators, Ranjitha and Viraj provided subject expertise across two sessions focused on digitalization and themes such as platform futures, data infrastructure, etc. They also supported logistical processes and documented several sessions over the course of the two-day workshop. 

Learn more about the event here.