NETmundial+10 High-Level Executive Committee

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São Paulo, Brazil

IT for Change's Anita Gurumurthy participated in the NETmundial+10 event organized by the Brazilian Internet Steering Committee- in São Paulo, Brazil between 29-30 April, 2024,  as a part of the High-Level Executive Committee, representing civil society organizations.

NETmundial+10, is the second iteration of global multistakeholder meetings on the future of Internet governance, building upon the first NETmundial meeting, held in Brazil in 2014. Ten years ago, the multistakeholder community convened and issued consensus- based principles and a roadmap for a free, open, safe, and more inclusive Internet at the first NETmundial meeting. Casting a look at the future governance of our digital world, a NETmundial+10 meeting provided a privileged space for stakeholders to meet, discuss, and reach consensus over a new roadmap that can tackle pressing challenges of our time, as well as to collectively build a common structured priority issues agenda to the global community, and further multistakeholderism to all relevant global governance and decisional arenas.

Read the preliminary version of the outcome document here. Learn more about the event here.