G-20 Side Event: Promoting Information Integrity

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São Paulo, Brazil
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IT for Change's Anita Gurumurthy spoke at the G20 Side Event "Promoting Informational Integrity" conducted on the 1 May 2024 at São Paulo, Brazil. The G20 Side Event emphasized global discussions on promoting information integrity, taking place back to back to NetMundial +10 in São Paulo, and combining high-level meetings and a one-day event open to a global audience. The event is an initiative of the Digital Economy Working Group.

Anita's contribution to the event emphasized that gender power is a key indicator of democratic integrity in any and every society and called for a focus on positive rights- the right to public participation and access to contemporary, online public spaces and the right to be heard - for women and gender minorities. Anita highlighted the systemic nature of online violence against women and the need to address this issue holistically. She emphasized the importance of tackling impunity and strengthening compliance processes to safeguard the integrity of information and women's rights online.

Learn more about the event here. Read a report on the session here. See Anita's presentation here.