What Kind of Multilateralism and Global Governance Do We Want?

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Nandini Chami has been invited to participate in a webinar titled, ‘What kind of multilateralism and global governance do we want?’ to speak on the Global Digital Compact. The webinar is being organized by the People's Working Group on Multistakeholderism on 16 May 2024 at 6.30 PM IST.

The webinar will explore the evolving landscape of multilateralism and global governance in the wake of the Summit of the Future (SOTF). Against the backdrop of a growing sense of skepticism about what the summit can truly achieve, especially among countries and civil society groups in the Global South, many worry that the SOTF could undermine existing achievements and slow important ongoing discussions.

This webinar aims to provide a platform for critical civil society voices to share their insights, engage in collective analysis, and discuss the potential impact of these developments. This session is designed to help participants stay informed about the broader context of these agreements and to encourage a dialogue centered on the interests of "We the Peoples."

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