The Role of Media in Building a Feminist Agenda

The Role of Media in Building a Feminist Agenda
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Anita Gurumurthy will speak at the thematic session on the role of media in building a feminist agenda during the Generation Equality Forum 2021.

The session aims to explore the gaps in regulatory mechanisms - particularly with respect to the cross-border jurisdiction of social media and its role in shaping national public spheres; and reinforcing global to local mechanisms for promoting gender equality within the media and digital sectors and tackling gender stereotypes in the media.

The speakers at this session include:

  1. Sra. Pascalle Grotenhuis, Special Ambassador for Women's Rights and Gender Equality, Government Government of the Netherlands (AC leader)
  2. Shelby Demerer, Policy Officer Taskforce Women’s Rights and Gender Equality, Ministry of Government
  3. Foreign Affairs Amsterdam, Netherlands
  4. Mr. Kanbar Hossein-Bor, Media Freedom Campaign Co-ordinator (UK) Foreign, Commonwealth Government and Development Office
  5. Sonia Santoro, Centro de Atención en Niñez, Adolescencia, Género y Diversidad de la Civil Society Defensoría del Pueblo / Diario Página 12. Argentina
  6. Zaineb Dahmoul, World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS)
  7. Edmund Yakani, Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO), South Civil Society Sudan
  8. Cindy Southworth, Women's Safety Policy Manager Facebook
  9. Nina Goswami, Creative Diversity Lead and Journalist, BBC

The session will be moderated by Marion Reimers, journalist and activist.

Read more details about the session here.

Watch the session here.