data sovereignty


At MC 11, the United States, Japan and European Union are actively pushing for a liberalised e-commerce regime that will reinforce the rules for trade set by the global North. Key to this dominant discourse is the persuasive rhetoric on free cross-border data flows as a means for smaller players to…


Parminder Jeet Singh was invited by the Centre for Policy Studies, IIT Bombay to deliver a talk on 'Digital Data - The New Raw Material in the Globalising Economy' as part of the Development Discourse Series. In the talk, Parminder unpacks data collection, use, and regulation from a political economy perspective; and also delves into the…


In this piece for The Hindu, Parminder Jeet Singh calls attention to the usurpation of digital issues by the ever increasing ambit of global trade treaties, and discusses possible policy directions for India. 


In this piece for The Hindu, Parminder Jeet Singh writes about entrenchment of power and control with regard to the global Internet in the hands of a few economic and political elites, overwhelming based in the US, leading to what may be called as a unipolar networked-digital complex.


At the World Summit on Information Society + 10 Review,  Anita Gurumurthy delivered a speech as civil society representative, at the closing ceremony.

This speech (English version) highlights the need to galvanise the moment of ambiguity into an opportunity that gathers progressive energies towards a…