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The government is fiddling, as children are losing foundational literacy and numeracy. The Karnataka government has opened schools fully for grades 9-12 and partly for 6-8.

A steady stream of public commentary is flowing in about the implications of the draft Rules on Social Security Code, 2020, and the Motor Vehicle Aggregators Guidelines, 2020, for th

Technology is often heralded as the ultimate answer to all developmental issues, although it is a mere tool.

With the pandemic forcing the teaching and learning process to migrate to the online mode, the education system has faced an upheaval like never before.

The Political Economy of Data

The digital gender divide has become “a matter of life and death,” in the words of the UN Secretary General in J

The Gopalakrishnan Committee set up by the government on developing a governance framework for non-personal data recently put out its draft report for public consultation.

A virus may be apolitical but our response to it reveals biases and inequities in our systems.

Ensuring wide data availability may help India develop its AI industry and avoid external dependence.

Data is almost universally recognised as the most valuable economic resource today. Seven out of the top 10 companies globally by market capitalisation are data-centric.