Jun 19: Knowledge Building Workshop in Bangalore

A 'Knowledge Building Workshop (KBW)' was organized by the Karnataka Community (KC) of United Nations Solution Exchange, at UTC Bangalore on June 19,  2010, to engage in dialogue among Community of Practitioners (CoPs). The workshop focused on the role of 'knowledge sharing' to support share knowledge, experiences and perspectives to support CoPs work and bring about greater synergy and congruence. Gurumurthy Kasinathan (IT for Change) spoke about the necessity to support 'free and open sharing' of knowledge to meet the goals of development. Public institutions working for the public interest would always support the public ownership of resources since that is essential for enabling equity and social justice. Software is an important digital resource, and has a central role in the new 'digital society' being created. Hence the public ownership over software resources that are required to participate in the digital world is essential. Public Institutions should therefore adopt and promote such 'public software'. The public software and public software center are resource portals to support the adoption of public software in society. To have access to his presentation click here.