Strategy meeting on a Systemic Response to Gender-based Cyberviolence

IT for Change and Indian Police Foundation, with support from UN Women and Web Foundation, organized a Strategy Meeting on a Systemic Response to Gender-based Cyberviolence, on 27 August 2019, in New Delhi at "We the People Hall", UN House, 55 – Lodhi Estate, New Delhi.

Today, gender-based cyberviolence is a veritable national crisis affecting women across all socio-structural locations. While there has been some progress, concerted efforts are required from concerned actors to come together to examine, understand and respond to the issue from a rights-based perspective. The  Strategy Meeting brought together a range of stakeholders: government representatives, women lawyers, women's rights organisations, groups working on masculinity and sexual rights, law enforcement officials, members of ICCs, platform companies and women in media, to catalyse a conversation.
The Meeting aimed at:
a) Taking stock of women's experiences of navigating online spaces,

b) Unpacking existing conceptual frames informing our understanding of online sexism, misogyny and gender-based violence, and

c) Mapping the knowledge gaps we need to fill for effective prevention and redress of cyberviolence, especially gender-based hate speech online.

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