AI and Development


Anita Gurumurthy from IT for Change participated in CSTD's first open consultation titled 'WSIS at 20: Successes, failures and future expectations' which was organised in the Internet Governance Forum in Kyoto, Japan on 10 October 2023.

The General Assembly adopted the A/70/125 resolution on 16th December 2015, emphasizing the need for a…


The human body is asserting itself more than as a performative spectacle on the streets. From Hong Kong to India, Catalonia, Lebonan, Chile and many more, the body is a signifier of bio-power and hope, defeating surveillance, courting arrest and deliberately seeking the system’s panoptic gaze.

The proliferation of protests suggests a…


The glass is half full.

Voices of resistance to power are everywhere. Students and young people are taking to the streets; women are infiltrating public discourse; and the unlikely activist is joining popular uprisings. Social movements are rejecting tokenism and ‘woke-washing’ from corporations, demanding that governments deal with the…