The faster pace of digitalization during the pandemic has tended to increase gender injustice. Systemic analysis, respect for the rule of law and a solidarity-driven strategy are essential to create a digital future that will benefit women.

Techno-capitalism in the Pandemic and the Abyss of Gender Injustice

The pandemic’s severity, scale…


This is the fifth issue paper of our Feminist Digital Justice project, written by Flora Partenio. This paper presents a feminist analysis of the tensions and disputes around the regulation of platform labor, particularly in the context of delivery workers in Argentina. It outlines the strategies deployed by powerful transnational or trans-Latin…


This is the third issue paper, written by Anita Gurumurthy, for the Feminist Digital Justice -- a collaborative research and advocacy initiative of IT for Change and DAWN (Development Alternatives with Women for a New Era).

The platform economy -- dominated by a few firms -- is extractivist,exploitative,and expedient. It is based on an…