Tech Practice and Policy in a Post-Covid World – Developing Civil Society Agendas

IT for Change is excited to announce its new project, Tech Practice and Policy in a Post-Covid World – Developing Civil Society Agendas, funded by the World Association for Christian Communication (WACC).

Digital technology is proliferating with ever-increasing rapidity owing to the pandemic. As the extent to which it is poised to disrupt and refashion entire sections of our economy is becoming clear, be it agriculture, education, finance or beyond, the imperative to construct policy frameworks for the use of this technology in new domains grows stronger every day. Indeed, for sectoral organizations working for the rights and interests of the marginalized in traditional economic areas that are on the cusp of major change, there is a clear need to grapple with this horizon of digitization, and think through just and equitable approaches to regulating its emergence.

As part of this project, we will leverage and build upon our networks in civil society in order to construct a series of working groups for key economic sectors. These working groups will consist of experts from both the frontiers of digital policy research and sectoral civil society organizations, tasked with devising concrete principles and policy frameworks for the emergent digital economy that could serve as a genuine and progressive alternative to the current one-sided and exploitative regulatory order that is dominated by the interests of Big Tech. 

Watch this space for more updates.

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