Workshop on 'Gender Perspectives on the Information Society'. Pre-WSIS Seminar - Bengaluru, April 2005

IT for Change, DAWN, and the Centre for Public Policy organised a seminar on 'Gender Perspectives on the Information Society - South Asia' in Bengaluru (India) on 18-19 April 2005.

The outcomes of the seminar as well as its specific outputs were to be tied into a sustained strategy for feminist engagement with the information society debate in general, and the WSIS processes in particular. On the one side, the seminar and its follow-up aimed to take vital areas of concern to the grassroots and to feminists, and on the other, it attempted to plug feminist perspectives, advocacy and activity in these areas into global processes, with special focus on the Tunis phase of the WSIS.

For more information about the workshop and the context in which it took place, please click here.

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