Evaluation - ICT programmes in schools in Yadgir District

IT for Change conducted a study on the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) programmes in schools in the Yadgir and Sedam blocks of Yadgir district (Karnataka, India). The research team visited around 30 schools to study the Computer Aided Learning Program (CALP), Mahiti Sindhu (MS), ICT @ Schools Phase 1 and 2 (all Computer-based learning programs), EDUSAT (Satellite - Television based) and Keli Kali (Radio based) programmes. They also met teachers and government officials.

This study explores how, although the ICT programmes have put expensive infrastructure in place, there is hardly any systemic support provided in terms of teacher capacity building, using computers as a learning tool, building capacities of teacher educators to provide support and monitoring to the schools, using ICTs as a tool for larger systemic reform through greater transparency and participation, etc. This results in the failure of these programs. The study also makes recommendations on the design of "ICT programs  in school education", that could be more effective.

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