IT for Change's Inputs to betterplace lab’s Consultation on ‘Towards a Feminist Digital Development Cooperation’

In March 2023, the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development, Germany (BMZ) launched its strategy for a feminist development policy. The aim of the BMZ’s feminist development policy is to eliminate structural inequalities, unequal treatment and discrimination in the long term. This also includes racist structures and power relations.

IT for change participated in a consultation held by betterplace lab on 1 June 2023 that examined how BMZ should adapt its future digital policy for it to be truly feminist, intersectional, post-colonial, and anti-racist. In our response, we highlighted the following concerns:

  1. Transformative digitalization must be based on a wider ecosysbytem approach in which the rules of the digital economy and society are well aligned to respect rights, equity, and inclusion.
  2. There is need of allocation of resources towards digital transformation in international development assistance commitments.
  3. Developed countries need to commit to concrete Official Development Assistance targets in order to ensure universal access to data infrastructures for all women and girls.
  4. Digital transformation to address the gender development requires dedicated attention to the preservation of collective rights in data resources of all peoples.

Read our complete statement here.

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