In the May 2023 meeting of the Regulatory Working Group of the Coalition against Online Violence, Malavika Rajkumar and Merrin Muhammed Ashraf presented comments on the 2018 UNHRC Resolution on Violence against Women and Girls in the Digital Contexts, highlighting certain gaps and deficits in the objective and language of the Resolution that…



Twitter, the social-networking platform which serves as a socio-political barometer, was recently purchased by Elon Musk, owner of Tesla. Musk has fired 50% of Twitter staff, toyed with its policies on registration and posts, making it an oligarch’s doll. Clearly the world needs a ‘global digital public town hall’  governed in…


Towards the end of a workshop conducted for school teachers, a curious phenomenon is often observed; many women teachers become restless. They sit tight anxiously clutching the handbags on their laps, steal furtive glances at their watches (or phones) to check the time, and even pointedly look towards the exit.

Many of them have to cook…


The proposal for a Global Digital Compact arose from the calls to improve digital cooperation on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the United Nations. It is “expected to outline shared principles for an open, free, and secure digital future for all”, covering issues of digital connectivity, data sovereignty, and…


In the civil society roundtable consultation organized by the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation on the India-EU Free Trade Agreement, IT for Change tabled some concerns about the proposed text on digital trade in the EU-India trade agreement.

You can read our submission here. 


The Centre of Excellence in Teacher Education (CETE), Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) launched the Connected Learning Initiative (CLIx) in 2015 with an aim to “improve teaching, teacher professional development and student learning through the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)-enabled Open…


Working closely with the trade unions All India Gig Workers Union & Indian Federation of App-based Transport Workers, and the civil society organisations Aapti Institute, the Centre for Internet and Society, Tandem Research and TWN Trust, IT for Change co-drafted an input from the standpoint of platform and gig workers' rights for the…


We organised a letter to Central Government to request that the PSS Central Institute of Vocational Education should withdraw the text books prepared using proprietary office suite and replace them with text books that use FOSS Office suite.


We organised a letter to Central and State Governments to replace Windows XP, which has been declared obsolete by Microsoft, with a free and open operating system, such as the BOSS GNU/Linux operating system (from CDAC, GoI) or any other GNU/Linux operating system like Ubuntu


The All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) has partnered with Microsoft Corporation to implement Cloud email for all its institutes. In their notification AICTE has mentioned that Microsoft Office 365 for Education will be compulsory for these institutes. Letter from educationists across India  to AICTE and MHRD to…