IT for Change at the 11th AWID Forum (2008)

At the 2008 AWID Forum (Cape Town, South Africa, 14-17 November), IT for Change (ITfC) was  part of the strategic session on 'Politics, power and the Internet' which discussed the intersections between women's rights and communication rights, and why communication rights are critical to women's movements. ITfC was also involved in organising a meeting of the Feminist Network on Gender, Development and Information Society Policies (GDISP). They met to discuss the paradigmatic changes of the information society that are in danger of being instrumentalised and co-opted by dominant ideologies, especially those of market fundamentalism and patriarchy, and to look at how they can be shaped by a vision of gender equality.

ITfC further discussed with the Association for Progressive Communications (APC), one of the Gender, Development and Information Society Policies (GDISP) Network members, possible spaces for feminist activism around global policies on the information society. ITfC also participated in preparing strategies for such feminist interventions at the 2008 Internet Governance Forum in Hyderabad. Their collaboration is summarised in the document 'Seeking feminist engagement with Internet governance'.

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