Presentation made by Gurumurthy Kasinathan at NUEPA in a workshop for Education Secretaries, on guidelines for ICT@School program - December 2011

ITfC made a presentation at NUEPA, in a workshop for education Secretaries from different states, on the guidelines for ICT @ School program. The presentation discussed key challenges facing teacher education and the need to evolve new models of teacher education that are need based, self directed and self paced learning with continuous mentoring. Such models are essential to make RTE, NCF, NCFTE a reality in the Indian school system. Such models are possible only through "second generation ICT programs in education", where teachers use digital methods and tools to co-create learning resources, access information as well as connect to other teachers and teacher educators to create teachers learning communities.

Digital resources shown as part of the presentation

Using Geogebra to demonstrate PI
Video on lunar ecliplse by Manjula, GMPS teacher
Radha, GHPS teacher explaining how to use Geogebra

Websites shown -

Kerala IT@Schools program
Subject Teacher Forum program
USRN program - www.ElEdu.Net

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