Research papers

Teacher agency is an indicator of teacher development, it is also a cause for teacher development.

In this article published in the Economic & Political Weekly (12 January 2019), Amrita Vasudevan revisits current debates on the liability of internet intermediaries in India, in

Digital Justice is a collaborative research and advocacy initiative of IT for Change and DAWN (Development Alternatives with Women for a New Era).

The project, ‘Righting Gender Wrongs: A Study of Law Enforcement Responses to Online Violence Against Women’, is an ongoing exploratory research study of gender-based cyber violence

The paper, developed for the Commonwealth Secretariat, London, examines, the nature of digital economy in a developing country context, focussing the study partly on Bengaluru, often

Over the last two decades, several private ed-tech companies have rolled out ICT programmes in government schools using the BOOT model and proprietary software.

ITfC conducted a study to design a framework for implementing ICT integration in school education for the entire country, in collaboration with Tata Trusts.

IT for Change (ITfC) worked with Karnataka Education Department (2011-16) on the ‘