Research papers

In the past, Open and Distance Learning (ODL)  was primarily conducted through snail mail where institutions sent reading and other materials to learners.

The advent of a digital society is fundamentally transforming our social and economic relationships.

Most people still see data as ordinary knowledge or information best subject to 'open access' regimes. This is also the moral basis for the advocacy of free global flows of data.

Digital and data technologies are not merely tools or enablers of development; they are the scaffolds of a new social paradigm.

Progress towards every single sustainable development goal (SDG) of Agenda 2030 also hinges on the effective deployment of digital technologies.

Between 2018-19, with support from the Web Foundation, IT for Change implemented the Righting Gender Wrongs project, an exploratory socio-legal research on gender-based cybe

Teacher agency is an indicator of teacher development, it is also a cause for teacher development.