Adopting an integrated approach to women's rights, one that recognises the indivisibility of civil-political and socio-economic rights- we have aimed to produce cutting edge theoretical and policy frameworks on gender equality in the information society. Our research and advocacy are rooted in Southern feminist approaches to women's digital age citizenship, rejecting glib, one-size-fits-all approaches.


Online Violence

In this article published in the Economic & Political Weekly (12 January 2019), Amrita Vasudevan revisits current debates on the liability of internet intermediaries in India, in the context of violence against women online. 

Read the paper here.

The project, ‘Righting Gender Wrongs: A Study of Law Enforcement Responses to Online Violence Against Women’, is an ongoing exploratory research study of gender-based cyber violence led by IT for Change with feminist partners across six sites of study in India, covering the states of Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. The research project has…

Anita Gurumurthy delivered a valedictory keynote at India HCI Conference 2018 on "Seeing beyond the screen - reflections on crafting technology for the art of change". The conference was organised by Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology.

Watch the presentation here.

Namma Maathu, Namma Jaaga

For far too long, women have been at the receiving end of public and private violence. The laws and institutions introduced to tackle these problems have proved to be ineffective over the years. This, along with the rigid patriarchal mindset of society, has led to women being denied their right to voice their problems and find an appropriate…

Digital Justice Project

Digital Justice is a collaborative research and advocacy initiative of IT for Change and DAWN (Development Alternatives with Women for a New Era). We aim to re-interpret the emerging techno-social paradigm from a Southern feminist standpoint. The project foregrounds debates at the intersection of enduring feminist concerns about gender justice…

Online Violence

Anita Gurumurthy was invited to participate in the Conference for Promotion of Policing Standards (COPPS) 2018 hosted by the Bureau of Police Research and Development and the Indian Police Foundation at BPR&D Conference Hall, New Delhi in May. The conference focused on the future of policing in the digital age. Anita made a presentation on evolving robust responses to gender-based cyber…




Anita Gurumurthy speaks on how the discourses on gender equality and women’s rights are intertwined with that of digital rights at Azim Premji University.

Anita Gurumurthy