IT for Change at Comparative Education Society of India (CESI) Conference 2015

Gurumurthy Kasinathan, presented a paper titled 'Domination and emancipation: A framework for assessing ICT and Education programs' at the CESI Conference, on 14th December, 2015. The theme of the conference was 'Education: Domination, Emancipation and Dignity'. The presentation attempted to consolidate insights on the transformatory potential of digital technologies in school education, into a cohesive assessment framework in the Indian public school context. Drawing on the two axes of ownership and participation, the paper analyzes ICT projects in education in four quadrants of 'Public centralized', 'Public decentralized','Private centralized' and 'Private decentralized', and the limitations and dangers from privatised and centralized program designs. The 'Public decentralized' shows the highest promise in achieving educational aims of teacher empowerment and school autonomy but is also the most difficult to implement.

The paper aims to provide a framework by which bureaucrats and policy makers can assess the design of ICT programs in education.

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