Our Advocacy Statements

Press Release: Open All Primary Schools Now to Avoid a Learning Crisis


IT for Change has drafted a statement, endorsed by a group of educationists and social work organizations, about the urgent need to open all primary schools to avoid a crisis of learning. Read it below:

1. The Karnataka education department has opened schools selectively. Classes 9-12 have regular classes, and 6-8 have intermittent…

Press Release: Open All Schools and All Classes, with Local Hygiene Precautions


IT for Change put out a press release on January 26, 2021, about the urgent need to reopen all classes across all schools with local hygiene precautions in place. The statement, endorsed by a group of educationists and social work organizations, was covered by the New Indian Express. 

The day after the release of the statement, the…

IT for Change's Feedback to the Draft Data Governance Act, 2020


The Draft Data Governance Act, 2020 envisages the rules for data sharing in the EU. This initiative is part of the Data Strategy, adopted by the EU to regulate the digital economy. The feedback by IT for Change is available here. We recommend the need to focus on community approaches, away from an individualistic framework as well as critique…

Platform Workers' Concerns with the Draft Code on Social Security Rules, 2020 – Joint Submission to Public Consultation


Working closely with the trade unions All India Gig Workers Union & Indian Federation of App-based Transport Workers, and the civil society organisations Aapti Institute, the Centre for Internet and Society, Tandem Research and TWN Trust, IT for Change co-drafted an input from the standpoint of platform and gig workers' rights for the…

IT for Change's Feedback on the EU Consultation for the New Competition Tool and the Digital Services Act Package


IT for Change provided feedback for the EU Consultation for the New Competition Tool and the Digital Services Act Package.

This was followed up with a questionnaire that included our inputs.

The EU proposal for a New Competition Tool is one of the measures aimed at addressing gaps in the current EU competition rules and allowing…

Schools Must Reopen in a Phased Manner for Child Safety, Health and Development

Statement Issued by a Group of Educationists and Social Work Organizations Concerns Between lock-downs and relaxations, governments are trying to find the right balance between saving lives and keeping the economy going. A similar balance is essential in education as well. A very small percentage of students are able to connect to online…

Response to the Public Consultation on the Draft Health Data Management Policy


The Government of India, through the National Health Authority, released the draft Health Data Management Policy on August 26, 2020. As stated in its objectives, the Policy is meant to act as a guidance document across the National Digital Health Ecosystem (NDHE) and sets out the minimum standard for data privacy…

Labour Law Must Recognise Platform Workers' Rights

Statement issued by an Alliance of Labour Unions and Civil Society Organisations

The Indian Parliament is currently in the process of overhauling the country’s labour laws. Unfortunately, this exercise has sidestepped platform workers, a constituency whose needs and challenges have become especially stark and visible during the pandemic. It is…

Feminist Pathways to Digital Transformation Post-Pandemic – Some Considerations for BRICS


Anita Gurumurthy spoke at an online conference entitled "Countering the Effects of the Pandemic: Women’s Viewpoints" organized by the "women and girls" working group of the Civil BRICS as a run up to a BRICS civil society forum happening later this year.

Anita spoke about "Feminist Pathways to Digital Transformation Post-Pandemic – Some…

IT for Change's Proposed Resolution on Technology and Surveillance at Janta Parliament


Anita Gurumurthy participated in a session on Technology and Surveillance for the Janta Parliament, a virtual peoples' Parliament, on Tuesday, August 18, 2020. Some of the participant organisations and individuals presented resolutions before the parliament that were voted on at the end of the session. IT for Change presented a resolution on a…