Our Advocacy Statements

Events by People’s Working Group on Multistakeholderism


Whether it the food people eat, the school children attend, or getting the much needed vaccines, in all walks of our daily lives, UN multilateral institutions play a key role in guaranteeing or providing access to goods and services, especially for marginalized groups. Last September, UN Secretary General António Guterres published the document…

IT for Change's Statement at IGF Main Session: Digital Cooperation - Quo Vadis?


Anita Gurumurthy was a part of the IGF 2021 Main Session: Digital Cooperation- Quo vadis? on December 8, 2021 where she gave a statement on the role IGF can play in digital cooperation.

Read it here.

This session was for assessing Internet governance approaches and mechanisms and fostering democratic equity and inclusiveness. The panel…

IT for Change's Response to the NHA Consultation Paper on the Health Data Retention Policy


IT for Change recently responded to the call for consultation by the National Health Authority (NHA) and Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM) on the proposed National Health Data Retention Policy.

ITfC deems the retention of health data important towards both establishing longitudinal medical histories of individuals as well as public…

National Coalition on the Education Emergency


While the health emergency and the livelihood emergencies caused by the Covid pandemic are evident, the education emergency has been hidden. The public education system in many parts of India, barring a few states, was closed for the greater part of the last year and a half. Hundreds of thousands of children, having lost one or both parents,…

Input on the Health Data Governance Principles


IT for Change's Parminder Singh is the co-chair of the Data Principles Circle of Transform Health, a global initiative which works in coalition towards Universal Health Coverage goal of the SDGs. The initiative recently released its draft Health Data Governance Principles. This is the first set of global health data principles which goes beyond…

Advocacy Statements on UNCTAD15


IT for Change, along with other civil societies advocated on a number of critical issues regarding the UNCTAD XV held from 3-7th October, 2021 in Barbados.
These statements, few of many sent to member states at a crucial moment of discussion by civil societies managed to leverage pressure and improve on the nature of the mandate…

Building Back Better with E-Commerce: A Feminist Roadmap


The rhetoric of the e-commerce opportunity in policy dialogues on trade and development often fails to engage with concerns on equity and inclusion. While the pandemic has given a new impetus to digital trade, the status quo of data extractivism presents an insurmountable barrier to gender-inclusive economic recovery. A new gender…

Civil Society Response on GoI’s IDEA Consultation Paper on Digitisation in Indian Agriculture


IT for Change made substantial contributions to the Alliance for Sustainable and Holistic Agriculture's (ASHA's) response to the Government of India's Ministry of Agriculture, Cooperation and Farmer Welfare on their Consultation Paper on IDEA (India Digital System of Agriculture).

In the letter, the signitories urge the Government of…

IT for Change's Response to the DoT Consultation Paper on the AI Stack


IT for Change responded to the Department of Telecom’s (DoT) consultation paper on the Artificial Intelligence Stack released by its AI Standardization Committee in September 2020.

Read the full submission here.

ITfC appreciates the DoT’s initiative in taking steps in artificial intelligence (AI) governance by recognising the…

IT for Change's Response to the NHA Consultation Paper on the Unified Health Interface


IT for Change recently responded to the call for consultation by National Health Authority (NHA) and National Digital Health Mission (NDHM) on the Unified Health Interface (UHI).

ITfC deems the creation of digital public goods in the health sector a critical imperative and appreciates the NDHM’s initiative in setting up the UHI. However…