Developing Open Audio Educational Resources for English Language Teaching

Audio resources are a critical component for developing listening skills in learners. This is something conventional print-based resources (textbooks) are unable to provide. IT for Change, in collaboration with RIESI, designed and conducted one-day workshops for the participants of different batches of the Certificate in English Language Teaching (CELT) program. The aim of these workshops was to help teachers do the following:

  1. Explore new digital tools and applications for language learning;
  2. Explore Audacity FOSS application to create effective language resources; record and edit audio, make audio resources by combining multiple audio files;
  3. Explore how audio can be used in a language lesson;
  4. Become oriented to the philosophy of creation of resources along with accessing and using existing audio resources;
  5. Publishing developed resources to an OER repository

Information about these workshops is available here.

Audio OER published by participants is available here

It was a great experience. Learnt new activities. I am happy to be part of workshop. It's a new arsenal to explore and make my classroom interesting and interactive.” – Syed Irshad Ali


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Developing audio OER for ELT