Post Graduate Diploma in English Language Teaching - creating a blended learning program with RIESI

Regional Institute of English, South India (RIESI) and IT for Change (ITfC) have collaborated to introduce ICT in the Post Graduate Diploma in English Language Teaching (PGDELT) program, with the aim of promoting the integration of ICT in professional development of English teachers and in English teaching. All 6 courses of the PGDELT program (Listening and speaking, Reading, Writing, Language Work, Materials and methods, and Teacher Development) have been made available through the Moodle Free and Open Source Learning Management System (LMS), for students to access resources and participate in discussions and other learning activities.

The LMS is complementing and supplementing the face to face interactions in the PGDELT program and providing additional learning opportunities. This collaboration commenced with the PGDELT 2018 program and is continuing with PGDELT 2019 program as well.

Focus Areas
Resource Type
Introducing Learning Management System (Moodle) to RIESI PGDELT participants