The Centre for Education and Technology, IT for Change, seeks to build participatory models that strengthen teacher agency and school autonomy, in partnership with public education systems. Our field projects systemically integrate digital technologies for connecting, creating and collaborating at school, district and state levels. Our research includes collaborative OER models, communities of practice and free and open technologies.

Our research and practice informs our inputs to national and state curriculum programs, as well as the courses we offer with academic institutions. In our advocacy with government institutions and civil society, we critique dominant models that privatize education through outsourcing, or centralize control with bureaucracies and vendors, and espouse the necessity and possibilities for empowering choices of technology in education.


Implications, threats and opportunities of digital technology in the education sector

Education has been accepted as a project for social and political transformation, with the development of each individual not only for her economic gains, but also for building a just and humane society…

Integrating ICT in aided schools

Our “Teachers Community of Learning(TCOL) is an intensive program focusing on developing classroom strategies and teacher development programmes through ICT integration at the class, school and block levels, that can result in a…

Rajasthan Maths STF Dec 2018

Building teacher networks and supporting teacher development through digital methods is an important area of our field engagement.  Our teacher education models have adopted the Professional Learning Community approach to in-service teacher education programs. The key objectives…


The Department of IT, Government of Rajasthan is developing a 'Jana Suchana' portal. The aim of this portal is to provide a 'panchayat' centric view to citizens, in which all the support agencies/departments information work/programs for the specified geography would be provided. This helps move…


As a part of the Karnataka Subject Teacher Forum program, working with teachers, ITfC developed OER for high school subjects in English and in Kannada. Since OER in Hindi will be required for teachers from the northern part of India, ITfC team worked with translation experts to develop key OER…

Teachers creating OER in workshop in Hyderabad

Over the last two decades, several private ed-tech companies have rolled out ICT programmes in government schools using the BOOT model and proprietary software. However, the BOOT model bypasses the teacher and fails to demonstrate significant impact on learning processes or outcomes. This…


Government High School teachers share experiences from the Bengaluru South 3 Block 'Community of Learning'


Government High School teachers share experiences from the Bengaluru South 3 Block 'Community of Learning'