Nan Voice, Nan Choice

A picture of a radio set with a yellow background and pink border, on top of which is brown text. The text reads: Nan Voice, Nan Choice. Kishori Community Radio Program. Every Saturday, 7:00 PM IST on Radio Active, Bengaluru, 90.4 FM. Episodes also available on SoundCloud.

Nan Voice, Nan Choice (My Voice, My Choice) is a weekly community radio program that offers adolescent girls a platform to nurture a confident, creative and ambitious voice.

UN IGF 2020

UN IGF 2020

IT for Change will be co-organizing three online sessions, including launching the Digital New Deal compendium, and participating in two others at UN Internet Governance Forum 2020.

A Digital New Deal


IT for Change's new compendium includes contributions from global scholars envisioning a digital new deal that ushers in digital justice, rekindling the original promise of the digital.


Labour Law Must Recognise Platform Workers' Rights

IT for Change issued a joint statement urging the Government to extend existing labour rights and social protection schemes to platform workers.


Unskewing the data value chain

We are looking to collaborate with researchers and scholars working on the digital economy and data governance in the Global South for an exciting new research project.


Economic rights in a data-based society

This report, a collaboration between IT for Change, FES and PSI, argues that collective data ownership is at the heart of an equitable data future.

IT for Change seeks to collaborate with researchers and scholars working on issues of the digital economy and data governance in the Global South for our exciting new research project, ‘Unskewing the Data Value Chain – A Policy Research Project for Equitable Platform Economies’. Supported by the Omidyar Network, this project aims to generate high-…
IT for Change provided feedback for the EU Consultation for the New Competition Tool and the Digital Services Act Package. This was followed up with a questionnaire that included our inputs. The EU proposal for a New Competition Tool is one of the measures aimed at addressing gaps in the current EU competition rules and allowing for timely and effective intervention against…
Anita Gurumurthy spoke at an online conference entitled "Countering the Effects of the Pandemic: Women’s Viewpoints" organized by the "women and girls" working group of the Civil BRICS as a run up to a BRICS civil society forum happening later this year. Anita spoke about "Feminist Pathways to Digital Transformation Post-Pandemic – Some…
Topics/Themes: Platforms, regulation, data governance, data value chains, digital economy, tech policy Deadline for submission of application: 20 October 2020, 06.30 UTC (12.00 PM IST) Duration of project: One year, 15 November 2020 to 14 November 2021 Grant Amount: Up to USD 13,500 per grantee Funded by: IT for Change Who can apply: Academic and research…
The Centre for Education and Technology, IT for Change, is offering a 4-week Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on Teaching Mathematics with Technology, in collaboration with the Foundation for Education, Ecology and Livelihood, and support from the Commonwealth of Learning. The course aims to build the capacity of Mathematics teachers of grades 6-…
IT for Change contributed this input about gender and digital technology to a report for the NITI Aayog titled 'COVID-19: Impact on Women and Girls', prepared by a group of organizations working for gender equality and women's empowerment. The input is based on our ongoing project, ‘Centering Women in India's Digitalising Economy’, co-funded by…


Treating Data as Commons

The Gopalakrishnan Committee set up by the government on developing a governance framework for non-personal data recently put out its draft report for public consultation. The report’s main purpose is to ensure wide sharing and availability of data in society. To ensure that companies share the required data, it was…

Reclaiming Education During a Pandemic

A virus may be apolitical but our response to it reveals biases and inequities in our systems. As we all adapt to the new “normal”, it is critical that we look at the stated and unstated assumptions, and implicit and explicit changes being made to our social welfare systems, which impact people differently. Millions…

Data is an Economic Resource. GK Committee Report Shows How Its Value Can Be Shared, Governed

Data is almost universally recognised as the most valuable economic resource today. Seven out of the top 10 companies globally by market capitalisation are data-centric. In these circumstances, it appears strange that there has hardly been any worthwhile attempt to look at who has economic rights to various kinds of…

A Plan for Indian Self-Sufficiency in an AI-Driven World

Ensuring wide data availability may help India develop its AI industry and avoid external dependence. Geo-political and economic power in the industrial age was determined by one’s expertise in manufacturing. In a digital society, it’s likely to be based on command over artificial intelligence (AI). As an information…




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