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 Call for Applications for Institute on Frontiers and Frames for a New Digitality

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Check out the seventh issue paper on Diversifying Strategies for Feminist Digital Activism in the Global South, as part of our collaborative Feminist Digital Justice project with DAWN.

CSO Agenda for e-Shram

A civil society agenda for e-shram

Outputs from a joint strategy meeting by Centre for Internet Society and IT for Change with CSO participants on the e-shram portal

FDJ Issue Paper 6

Data Subjects in the Femtech Matrix: A Feminist Political Economy Analysis of the Global Menstruapps Market

This study is a feminist political economy exploration of data policies and practices through close analysis of the erosion of privacy and data autonomy in the menstrual apps market.

Profitable Provocations

A Study of Abuse and Misogynistic Trolling on Twitter Directed at Indian Women in Public-political Life

Our research on hateful and problematic speech on Twitter directed at 20 Indian women in public-political life to investigate the scale and nature of online gendered violence is now out!


IT for Change and InternetLab organized a two-day closed roundtable on Feminist Perspectives on Social Media Governance on April 19-20, 2022. This roundtable was part of our Recognize-Resist-Remedy Project, funded by IDRC Canada, that explores how women's first-order right to participation can be reclaimed in the platformized publics of the…
Across social movements and sectors, civil society actors have begun to recognize the contours of the challenges the digital presents. Nurturing this groundswell into an enduring local-to-global movement for change requires perspective building and deepening next-generation leadership in civic spaces, South-South cooperation, and cross-movement dialogue and coalition building…
IT for Change undertook a research study of hateful, abusive and problematic speech on Twitter directed at 20 Indian women in public-political life. The mixed-method inquiry set out to investigate not only the scale, but also the nature of such pervasive online gendered violence. You can access the entire report here. You can also peruse the slide…
The National Health Authority (NHA) recently released its Data Sharing Guidelines draft for PM-JAY. The NHA invited responses and comments from the public and as such IT for Change duly sent in its recommendations. While the NHA's proposal is certainly a step in the right direction, there are a few key points that we feel needs addressing. The NHA's draft states that…
The National Education Policy, 2020 (NEP) begins with the assertion that education is fundamental for achieving full human potential, and for the development of an equitable and just society, thus emphasizing that education must aim at social transformation. Historically, Indian society has been afflicted by divisions and exploitation, including,…
This research is forthcoming, and will be released in 2022. IT for Change has undertaken a detailed study of 90 cases examining judicial responses to different kinds of cases of technology-facilitated gender-based violence from the Supreme Court, 17 High Courts, and 2 District Courts across the country. The largest group of cases were related to…


Declaration of Digital Rights and Principles: A Reality Check

The European Commission’s proposal for a European Declaration on Digital Rights and Principles for the Digital Decade – an important milestone towards a foundation for our shared digital world – reflects a predictable unease. It mirrors the fraught politics of our times; the tall order to recover the planet and people…

Forging a Social Contract for Data

The Draft Data Accessibility and Use Policy is silent on the norms, rules, and mechanisms to bring to fruition its vision. In February 2022, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEITY) released the draft India Data Accessibility and Use Policy 2022 (or Draft Policy) for public consultation. The…

A Feminist Social Contract for a New Digital Economic Future

The faster pace of digitalization during the pandemic has tended to increase gender injustice. Systemic analysis, respect for the rule of law and a solidarity-driven strategy are essential to create a digital future that will benefit women. Techno-capitalism in the Pandemic and the Abyss of Gender Injustice The…

EdTech Platforms: Transforming India's Educational Spaces?

Gurumurthy Kasinathan spoke to EPW engage about EdTech companies. While online education was once seen with doubt, Byju’s has reported consistent growth in users and the pandemic has given them a turbo boost. What are the implications of EdTech companies in changing how students learn and grow? What types of…



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