Launching DataSyn

IT for Change Launches DataSyn

DataSyn is a free monthly newsletter from IT for Change providing concise and relevant analysis on all matters concerning Big Tech.

Report for ILO

Platform labour in search of value: A study of workers’ organizing practices and business models in the digital economy

Read our report for the ILO on platform workers' strategies to reclaim their rights to decent work and a fair share of economic gains in the value networks of the emerging platform economy.

Socializing Data Value

Socializing Data Value: Reflections on the State of Play

This report collates the highlights of our roundtable held in May 2021, providing a snapshot of the event and the key questions, ideas and debates that emerged from the conference.

Submission to SR FoE

Submission to the Special Rapporteur on the right to freedom of opinion and expression for the UNGA Report on Gender Justice

IT for Change & InternetLab responded to the call for inputs into the UNGA Report on Gender Justice from the SR on FoE, building on findings from our research collaboration Recognize, Resist, Remedy.

Report on AMT

Report on AMT

Check out our latest report on Indian women workers on Amazon Mechanical Turk (AMT) in the post-pandemic moment.

The rhetoric of the e-commerce opportunity in policy dialogues on trade and development often fails to engage with concerns on equity and inclusion. While the pandemic has given a new impetus to digital trade, the status quo of data extractivism presents an insurmountable barrier to gender-inclusive economic recovery. A new gender transformative…
IT for Change's Parminder Singh is the co-chair of the Data Principles Circle of Transform Health, a global initiative which works in coalition towards Universal Health Coverage goal of the SDGs. The initiative recently released its draft Health Data Governance Principles. This is the first set of global health data principles which goes beyond the general pitch of privacy and…
IT for Change's teams for Education and Prakriye, regularly bring back insights and learnings from their time on the field. Notes from the Field documents these insights. Has the Pandemic Deepened Inequalities in India’s School Education? by Nayana Kirasur Prakriye IT for Change’s field center, Prakriye, builds supportive techno-social systems to…
IT for Change responded to the Department of Telecom’s (DoT) consultation paper on the Artificial Intelligence Stack released by its AI Standardization Committee in September 2020. Read the full submission here. ITfC appreciates the DoT’s initiative in taking steps in artificial intelligence (AI) governance by recognising the importance of standards to solve…
While the health emergency and the livelihood emergencies caused by the Covid pandemic are evident, the education emergency has been hidden. The public education system in many parts of India, barring a few states, was closed for the greater part of the last year and a half. Hundreds of thousands of children, having lost one or both parents, and…
Anita Gurumurthy has authored a chapter, 'New Cartographies of the Digital Commons: Going by Feminist Wisdom' for a major anthology - Labouring Women: Issues and Challenges in Contemporary India edited by Praveen Jha, Avinash Kumar, and Yamini Mishra. About the book: It is well known that notions of work and employment in official data systems…


Covid, Folk Psychology and Pedagogy Viruses

The pandemic has exposed India’s ambivalence about scientific knowledge. While masking and distancing constitute scientific wisdom, we see mass disregard of these in festivals and polls. The pandemic has exposed another ambivalence — about beliefs on the purpose and processes of education. Education experts’ views…

Monetising Data- For Whose Good?

Karnataka’s Open Data Policy opens up a Pandora’s box of concerns for public interest and citizen rights Last week, the Government of Karnataka (GoK) notified its Open Data Policy (ODP) to open up government-held personal and non-personal datasets for “innovation, co-creation and research”. The government’s logic fits…

Reclaiming a Feminist Digital Public Sphere from the Margins

An essay authored by IT for Change's Deepti Bharthur and Ankita Aggarwal, titled 'Reclaiming a Feminist Digital Public Sphere from the Margins', has been published in the third quarterly issue of WACC's Media Development. This issue of Media Development focuses on the theme of 'Democratizing the Public Sphere'. The '…

Online Education Is Not the Solution

School closures since March 2020 have allowed students limited opportunities for structured learning, causing learning loss, and aggravating malnutrition, child abuse, child labour, school dropout and early marriage. Online education is seen as a solution to the education emergency. A survey conducted by Karnataka…



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