Report on AMT

Report on AMT

Check out our latest report on Indian women workers on Amazon Mechanical Turk (AMT) in the post-pandemic moment.

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Intern With Us

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Essay Series

rethinking legal-institutional approaches to sexist hate speech in India

This series brings together reflections from experts in the legal, feminist, and digital fields, to develop ways to regulate speech in digital spaces and resist the normalization of misogyny online.

Nan Voice, Nan Choice

A picture of a radio set with a yellow background and pink border, on top of which is brown text. The text reads: Nan Voice, Nan Choice. Kishori Community Radio Program. Every Saturday, 7:00 PM IST on 90.4 FM. Bengaluru, Episodes also available on SoundCloud.

Nan Voice, Nan Choice (My Voice, My Choice) is a weekly community radio program that offers adolescent girls a platform to nurture a confident, creative and ambitious voice.

A Digital New Deal


IT for Change's new compendium includes contributions from global scholars envisioning a digital new deal that ushers in digital justice, rekindling the original promise of the digital.

The draft Digital Markets Act envisages the obligations of data sharing by large gatekeeper platforms along with ex-ante oversight by the regulator of such platforms, in the EU. This regulation is framed as a part of the Digital Services Act Package, being discussed by the EU to regulate the digital economy. The feedback by IT for Change is…
IT for Change is part of a coalition of NGOs and labor unions that has called on the Reserve Back of India (RBI) to not proceed with licensing corporations to run parallel financial infrastructures like Universal Payment Interface (UPI) on a for-profit basis. This coalition includes the workers' union of the State Bank of India, the largest bank in India, and UNI Global, the…
IT for Change’s research – as part of our project Recognize, Resist, Remedy – has demonstrated a need for legal-institutional reform to combat sexist hate online. There is also a global acknowledgement today, such as from the Council of Europe and the EU, that sexist hate speech online needs to be addressed by the law. In India, the 273rd Law…
Future of Rights and Citizenship in the Digital Age seeks to identify and address challenges emerging from increased usage of data and algorithms in society. Supported by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), Canada, this project will undertake systematic, evidence-based research and advocacy towards a citizen-oriented framework for data and…
Background IT for Change (ITfC) and Commonwealth Educational Media Centre for Asia (CEMCA), New Delhi collaborated to design and conduct a five-day workshop on “Use of technology and OER for e-content development” for ODL professionals of Karnataka State Open University (KSOU), Mysuru. The workshop was organized by KSOU in their computer lab from…
IT for Change, with support from the World Wide Web Foundation, is expanding upon The Feminist Observatory of the Internet within our co-founded alternative media platform Bot Populi. By engaging in nuanced debates, dialogues and discussions on women in digital economy, we seek to build influence in shaping public debate in this domain. This will…


WhatsApp Challenges Govt: Breaking End-to-End Encryption Will Lead to Security Issues but Timing of Petition Circumspect

The new Intermediary Guidelines (IL Guidelines), require messaging platforms that have over 50 lakh registered users (such as WhatsApp) “enable the identification of the first originator of the information”. The challenge from WhatsApp is that this impinges on an individual’s constitutional right to privacy and is…

Let Children Go Back to School

The government is fiddling, as children are losing foundational literacy and numeracy. The Karnataka government has opened schools fully for grades 9-12 and partly for 6-8. However, lower primary schools (LPS) consisting of grades 1-5 remain closed and may have a zero year (a year of no school). Most states seem to…

What Challenges Do Online Classes Pose?

With the pandemic forcing the teaching and learning process to migrate to the online mode, the education system has faced an upheaval like never before. This has posed several challenges to teachers and students in India. V. Madhurima and Gurumurthy Kasinathan discuss the challenges and possible solutions in a…

A Data Rights Agenda for Platform and Gig Economy Workers

A steady stream of public commentary is flowing in about the implications of the draft Rules on Social Security Code, 2020, and the Motor Vehicle Aggregators Guidelines, 2020, for the rights of platform workers. We interrogate these developments from a data rights standpoint. The draft Rules on Social Security Code,…




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