Joint Submission

Joint Submission on Platform Workers' Concerns with the Draft Code on Social Security Rules, 2020

IT for Change has co-drafted an input from the standpoint of platform and gig workers' rights for the ongoing public consultation on the draft Code on Social Security Rules, 2020.

Nan Voice, Nan Choice

A picture of a radio set with a yellow background and pink border, on top of which is brown text. The text reads: Nan Voice, Nan Choice. Kishori Community Radio Program. Every Saturday, 7:00 PM IST on 90.4 FM. Bengaluru, Episodes also available on SoundCloud.

Nan Voice, Nan Choice (My Voice, My Choice) is a weekly community radio program that offers adolescent girls a platform to nurture a confident, creative and ambitious voice.

A Digital New Deal


IT for Change's new compendium includes contributions from global scholars envisioning a digital new deal that ushers in digital justice, rekindling the original promise of the digital.


Unskewing the data value chain

We are looking to collaborate with researchers and scholars working on the digital economy and data governance in the Global South for an exciting new research project.


Economic rights in a data-based society

This report, a collaboration between IT for Change, FES and PSI, argues that collective data ownership is at the heart of an equitable data future.


e-learning course

Our e-learning course supports KVS mathematics teachers in the creation of Open Educational Resources for their classrooms.

IT for Change seeks to collaborate with researchers and scholars working on issues of the digital economy and data governance in the Global South for our exciting new research project, ‘Unskewing the Data Value Chain – A Policy Research Project for Equitable Platform Economies’. Supported by the Omidyar Network, this project aims to generate high-…
IT for Change's research and advocacy track on labor aims to consider the emergent challenges for workers and laborers in the digital economy, and build a new frontier of labor rights for the 21st century. Our work is primarily concerned with the working conditions of and social security for gig workers, the moral and legal responsibilities of platforms, and workers’ privacy…
IT for Change, with support from the World Wide Web Foundation, is expanding upon The Feminist Observatory of the Internet within our co-founded alternative media platform Bot Populi. By engaging in nuanced debates, dialogues and discussions on women in digital economy, we seek to build influence in shaping public debate in this domain. This will…
The Covid pandemic has starkly visibilized the underlying inequality and injustice of the global economic paradigm. It has not only exposed the cumulative failings of the neoliberal order, but also testified to the inevitability of crisis and catastrophe inherent to it. IT for Change's ambitious new project 'The Digital New Deal: Visions of Justice in a post-Covid…
The Centre for Education and Technology, IT for Change, is offering a 4-week Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on Teaching Mathematics with Technology, in collaboration with the Foundation for Education, Ecology and Livelihood, and support from the Commonwealth of Learning. The course aims to build the capacity of Mathematics teachers of grades 6-…
Anita Gurumurthy spoke at an online conference entitled "Countering the Effects of the Pandemic: Women’s Viewpoints" organized by the "women and girls" working group of the Civil BRICS as a run up to a BRICS civil society forum happening later this year. Anita spoke about "Feminist Pathways to Digital Transformation Post-Pandemic – Some…


What Challenges Do Online Classes Pose?

With the pandemic forcing the teaching and learning process to migrate to the online mode, the education system has faced an upheaval like never before. This has posed several challenges to teachers and students in India. V. Madhurima and Gurumurthy Kasinathan discuss the challenges and possible solutions in a…

A Data Rights Agenda for Platform and Gig Economy Workers

A steady stream of public commentary is flowing in about the implications of the draft Rules on Social Security Code, 2020, and the Motor Vehicle Aggregators Guidelines, 2020, for the rights of platform workers. We interrogate these developments from a data rights standpoint. The draft Rules on Social Security Code,…

AI and Associated Tech Developments Hold Threats But Also Opportunities for Inclusive Growth in India

Technology is often heralded as the ultimate answer to all developmental issues, although it is a mere tool. Through its flagship programs like Digital India, Smart Cities, and Startup India, India is gearing up for a technological revolution, but it holds as many threats as promises for our political and social…

Constitutionalising Data Redistribution

The Political Economy of Data Data and data governance are hotly contested issues in the 21st century. Typically, they have been perceived as questions of policy and political economy. Data is attributed multiple characterizations, one of which is that of a resource. There are many ways of looking at data as a…




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