BHS Students

Students from BHS High School participating in a 'Mathematics Camp' organized on October 21-23  at Vijaya Teachers College. 


Born Digital, Born Free Report

The 'Righting Gender Wrongs' project is an exploratory socio-legal research on gender-based cyberviolence across six states in India, including Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

Bot Populi

Bot Populi

Introducing, Bot Populi, an independent online media space examining the Digital from a social justice and global south perspective.


During a global discussion led by Brazil in 2014, India maintained that the internet is not merely an open, free, global commons that should remain untouched by major governmental control, but also a resource that needs to reflect the values of an ‘Equinet’ – a platform for commerce, e-governance, national security mechanism, to be achieved…

The platform model has emerged as a game changing force, transforming economic activity across key sectors. Platformization as the process of such a shift towards new modes of production and exchange serves as the pièce de résistance of global economic organization in the digital paradigm.

Technologies that map women’s bodies and reproductive choices are a site of patriarchal control and surveillance while simultaneously creating an illusion of choice or autonomy for users. This report recognizes and examines the ways in which the absence of safeguards for sensitive and personal data and information disproportionately targets women…

Most people still see data as ordinary knowledge or information best subject to 'open access' regimes. This is also the moral basis for the advocacy of free global flows of data. It is an argument that many, if not most, civil society activists worldwide often fall prey to.

This research paper attempts to develop a theoretical basis for asserting community…

Audio resources are a critical component for developing listening skills in learners. This is something conventional print-based resources (textbooks) are unable to provide. IT for Change, in collaboration with RIESI, designed and conducted one-day workshops for the participants of different batches of the Certificate in English Language Teaching…
Between 2018-19, with support from the Web Foundation, IT for Change implemented the Righting Gender Wrongs project, an exploratory socio-legal research on gender-based cyberviolence across six sites of study in India, covering the states of Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Through a range of research methods -- self administered surveys with…


Debate on Political Ads on Social Media is a Distraction. The Law Cannot Be Used to Legitimise Private Censorship

This article was first published in Firstpost.

A mass exodus from Twitter over to open-source microblogging community Mastodon is in the news, and it’s not the first time that users have responded to social media’s opaque content moderation policies in this way. Calls to #deletefacebook abounded after the …

How a Low-income Community in Bengaluru Used Data to Demand a Bus Route

“In your opinion, what is the most prevalent problem faced by the residents of your area?” three of us from IT for Change, asked the youth of Old Baiyappanahalli a few months ago.

It didn’t take long for the youth to unanimously respond – the traffic at the railway gate, which had been the bane of their…

Digital Economy Deserves More

Going by the chapter on data in the Economic Survey released on July 4, it seemed that the government’s new Budget would carry new thinking on the digital economy. If data of, for, and by, the people was going to be an important digital mantra, then the Budget had to build on this. However, the BJP government’s…

Looking Beyond Privacy: The Importance of Economic Rights to Data

Digital data and the pervasive intelligence it provides about people and artefactual and natural phenomenon, is the very basis of a digital economy. With the industrial revolution, machines soon became practically unavoidable everywhere. The same will be true of much of digital intelligence-based economic processes…




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