Students from Government and Aided High Schools in Bengaluru South presented their digital creations in a 'Digifest' organized on April 9 at Vijaya Teachers College. 



IT for Change and Indian Police Foundation, with support from UN Women and Web Foundation, are organizing a Strategy Meeting on a Systemic Response to Gender-based Cyberviolence.

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A major problem is that most people still see data just as ordinary knowledge or information which therefore is best to be subject to 'open access' regimes. This is also the moral basis for the free global flows of data advocacy -- which argument many if not most civil society activists worldwide often fall prey to. The research paper attempts, in…

It is becoming increasingly evident that the far reaching impacts of machine learning and AI demand immediate attention to the digitalisation of society itself. AI is not just another technology that has emerged on the horizon. On the contrary, it is a general purpose technology akin to electricity or the internal combustion engine that catalyses…

IT for Change and Indian Police Foundation, with support from UN Women and Web Foundation, organized a Strategy Meeting on a Systemic Response to Gender-based Cyberviolence, on 27 August 2019, in New Delhi at "We the People Hall", UN House, 55 – Lodhi Estate, New Delhi.

Today, gender-based cyberviolence is a veritable national crisis…

Digital and data technologies are not merely tools or enablers of development; they are the scaffolds of a new social paradigm. As data flows through a more and more interconnected planet, the capture of network-data spaces by corporate and state interest recasts opportunity structures, heightening inequalities between, and within, countries. The intertwining of…

Education has been accepted as a project for social and political transformation, with the development of each individual not only for her economic gains, but also for building a just and humane society1. It also needs to promote awareness and build agency for sustainable development…

Nandini Chami was a panelist at the session: 'Towards an empowerment scorecard for women in e-commerce' during  UNCTAD e-Commerce week in Geneva, Switzerland.

The pane deliberated on the following questions:

To what extent has the global digital economy and the current e-commerce regime been successful in furthering women’…


How a low-income community in Bengaluru used data to demand a bus route

“In your opinion, what is the most prevalent problem faced by the residents of your area?” three of us from the non-profit IT for Change, asked the youth of Old Baiyappanahalli a few months ago.

It didn’t take long for the youth to unanimously respond – the traffic at the railway gate, which had been the…

Looking Beyond Privacy: The Importance of Economic Rights to Our Data

Digital data and the pervasive intelligence that it provides about people, and about artefactual and natural phenomenon, is the very basis of a digital economy. With the industrial revolution, machines soon became practically unavoidable everywhere; the same will be true of much of digital intelligence-based…

Digital economy deserves more

Going by the chapter on data in the Economic Survey released on July 4, it seemed that the government’s new Budget would carry new thinking on the digital economy. If data of, for, and by, the people was going to be an important digital mantra, then the Budget had to build on this. However, the BJP government’s…

What’s up With Libra? Concerns About Facebook’s New Cryptocurrency

Last week, Facebook announced Libra, its new currency based on blockchain technology.

This development that has been met with mixed reactions. Unlike Bitcoin, Libra will be backed by a reserve of a basket of currencies. Both the technology and the reserve are governed by the Libra Association, which…



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